About us

Itself the wonder thing was that the center being started by the ex-addict and performing as a role of the de-addiction center localities of the Dhapashee at Kathmandu Nepal established in 2002. We provide various treatment options short \ long terms, including admission facilities availiable at an affordable price but mostly we input them to get into our therapy package program compulsorily and basically ehich takes three months of time duration in their basic needs. Effective changes in personal values and interpersonal behavior. We treat any kind of excellence doing work out in the attitude of their behavior and the power of acceptance and admitted, surrender indentification, hope and daily prescription of living. Teaching and coping the skills to help the person avoid replase after abstinence.

Attraction of the abilities of this center and to produce as many as clean addicts helping the individual resolve to stop using psychoative substance and achieve total abstinence from drugs through the therapies community concept.